Youth on Course a boon for juniors

Updated: May 31, 2024

Ever since it started, the Youth on Course program has been a boon for kids looking to get into the game of golf. With the price of golf sometimes fairly high, the Youth on Course program has been a way for kids to play a round of golf for $5 – at a variety of golf courses around the country. 

The program is quite popular in the Pacific Northwest as many courses offer the $5 program for youths looking to play a round of golf. Youth on Course has taken away the barriers of cost for kids to play. Over 100,000 kids, age 6-18, have signed up for the program and have access to over 1,400 golf courses around the country for $5 or less.  The program has subsidized over 1,000,000 rounds of golf for kids and has saved families $8 million in greens fees.  Also, Youth on Course is offering scholarships.

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