Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

If you have kids who play golf, it’s fun to see them improve – until they beat you

If you have kids who play golf you naturally want them to succeed on the course. But if you are like me or even my buddy, Jim Moore of ESPN 710 in Seattle, you root for your kids – except when they are playing you.

I was excited when by daughter Rebecca picked up the sticks and liked to play. She played throughout high school and qualified for the state high school championships for two years. She played well. Beat many of her opponents.

But not her dad. Ha.

She graduated a few years ago and hasn’t played much since but she might get back into it. I am taunting her already. You will never beat your dad. OK, maybe she out drove me a few times and got a better score on a hole than I did, but when we totaled it all up at the end of a round, it was dad at the top of the scoreboard.

Moore and his kid Stevie have played for years. Stevie’s game has become solid. His swing is good and he does beat his dad off the tee once in a while. But when the total score has been added, dad has always been on top.

But here is where Jim kills me. I thought he was competitive until he said this: “I won’t mind when he starts to beat me all the time,” he said.

What? Where was the Moore that I knew who hates to lose. But he did throw in a kicker. “He’s not good enough to beat his dad right now.” OK that’s at least something.
It’s fun to have a rivalry with your kids. I remember playing rounds of golf with my daughter and one time she didn’t know where her drive was. We got to my drive and she thought hers was lost. It was 40 yards ahead. Must have hit a sprinkler head or something. She was always excited to get a better score than me on a hole and even more excited to out drive me.

Stevie Moore almost expects to beat his dad soon. On a round at Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club in Federal Way, he tied his dad on the front nine. I thought maybe this was the day that son would beat dad. “I can’t let that happen just yet,” said Moore on the 10th tee. He beat his kid by 10 on the back and the streak lives on.

Having kids play golf is a great time for both. Losing, however, might be another matter.

Steve Turcotte is editor of Inside Golf Newspaper. He can be reached at