Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

Winter golf can be an enjoyable experience; Langdon Farms offers new way to pay

Winter golf in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes those are words of fear that strike golfers in Washington and Oregon. Think about it. Winter golf in the Pacific Northwest.

For many, it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun. Cold temperatures. Windy conditions. A chill in the air. OK, it might not sound like fun, but you know what, it’s not a bad deal.

Trust me, I speak from experience.

I used to be one of those guys. You know the type, put the clubs in the garage after Labor Day and not worry about seeing them again until April rolled around.

But that changed many years ago when a couple of friends had me join them on a Saturday morning for a round of golf. I checked the temperature and it was the high 40’s. There was no wind, but definitely a chill in the air. I thought they were crazy.

But as I stood the first tee that day, I had extra layers on, a stocking hat and felt good. The 18-hole experience was terrific. The course was in good shape, not a whole lot of golfers were around and we zipped around in about three hours. I was amazed. I had to try it again the next week. Same result and same good time. Since then I have been a winter golfer and enjoyed every minute of it.

I do have some rules though, if the ground is coming out of a freeze, I will be a no-show. If my hands feel cold, don’t look for me on the tee box. But other than that, winter golf is a great idea.


Don’t stash those clubs in the back of the garage. Keep them in the trunk of the car and head to the course. Of course, when the weather cooperates.

And one thing that really helps with the winter experience is that the prices are almost always right. Courses are always on the lookout for winter golfers and will give you a break on green fees – even seven days a week. Don’t miss out. It’s worth it.

• Langdon Farms Golf Club, one of Portland’s finest golf courses, is known to be on the leading edge of providing convenience to its customers. That’s evident in its latest customer offering called GolfCash. A smartphone app based product developed by up and coming golf software development company, Quick 18, Langdon Farms is the first Portland golf course to release the newest way to make every golfer’s dollar stretch further.

Are you a Starbucks loyalist? If so, then you’ll be right at home using GolfCash at Langdon Farms. After downloading their smartphone app for Apple or Android devices, anyone can load up with GolfCash at varying denominations. Reload amounts currently range from $75 to $600 where you will receive anywhere from a 3% to 10% discount on your money. With currently up to $60 in savings available, there’s no better way to pay.

But, after loading up for the first time is when the convenience really kicks in. Langdon Farms accepts GolfCash payments anywhere from the Golf Shop for Green Fees and Merchandise to the various on course Food and Beverage services to its full-service bar and restaurant, Langdon’s Grill, by simply entering the amount owned into the app and pressing pay. The always friendly staff will take care of the rest.

It’s simple and easy to pay using Golf Cash at Langdon Farms. As one of the top golf courses in Portland, not only will you experience premiere conditions and service at Langdon Farms Golf Club, now you also have a more convenient way to stay within your golfing budget. Download the Langdon Farms smartphone app today and start saving with GolfCash.