Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

On a trip to the Big Island, it’s tough to come up with a top list, but let’s try

There are so many things to like when making a golf trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, it’s hard to put a list together of the top things. After some soul searching and making some hard choices, here goes nothing and in no particular order:

• The golf: OK this is not a stretch to start. There are some of the best golf courses on the planet on the Big Island. From the challenging Waikoloa Resort courses and the lava beds to the scenic views at Mauna Kea and its sister course Hapuna, there seems to be nothing wrong with golfing on the Big Island.

• Best hole: OK, this is a little tougher. There are so many to choose from. From the views high above at Hapuna to the all-carry shot over the Pacific Ocean on Mauna Kea’s third hole to one there is plenty to like. But the hole that stands out is the 17th at the newly named Makani Golf Club (formerly called Big Island Country Club). This is a hole that must be seen to be believed Island green. Views of the Pacific Ocean. All carry. You get the idea. There are many, many terrific golf holes but this one gets your attention and keeps it.

• The beaches: OK I’m a 56-year-old guy, but I feel at home at the beach. When I grab a boogie board and head to the water I look around and see I am one of the older guys in the water. Who cares. The Big Island has some great beaches with plenty of sand and some decent waves. There are also beaches with trees providing shade cover and terrific snorkeling just off the shore.

• The food: There is no shortage of great things to eat around the Big Island. From Taco Tuesday at Ocean’s bar to the variety of happy hour morsels and drinks at Sam Choy’s, you will never go hungry and will never lack for variety of something to eat or even better, something to drink.

• Accommodations: Tough call on this one, so I have to mention several. Stayed at the Waikoloa Marriott for a night. Not much to say other than great view, big pools, large beach and killer breakfast buffet. The Waikoloa Hilton has a tram that takes you to your room and the Mauna Kea Resort has everything you need with big rooms and great ocean views.

The Big Island life? I could get used to it. Maybe I need to make more trips.