Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

Golfing the border: There is some solid golf found at the U.S.-Canada border

Like almost everyone else who has crossed the U.S.-Canadian border at the Peach Arch, I have noticed a golf course just off the road. I have seen the patches of grass through the all trees but never thought anything of it. I was wrong. Way wrong.

The course is called Peace Portal and if there is a course worth stopping, this is the place. With rolling fairways, challenging greens, tall trees, water features and more, Peace Portal is one of a kind.

This is true Border Golf, where you can see the cars crossing into Canada from the second and 13th holes. You can see the highway stretching from the border toward Vancouver along the third hole. Some exciting cart paths on the first and third holes will take you straight down, like a roller coaster. For me on this early morning round the steep drops were better than an alarm clock waking me up. The first hole starts with an up and down feature in the middle of the fairway and there is plenty more after that. Just hang on for the ride. It’s a good one.

Hey, they even filmed some of Happy Gilmore at the golf course.

Peace Portal opened in 1928 and for 90 years has been entertaining golfers from both sides of the border. And the price is right. For $66 Canadian you get golf in prime time. But they also offer golf in times they call Matinee, Dawn Patrol and SunDowner.

The course might not seem long stretching to nearly 6,400 yards from the tips, but with the tall trees lining every fairway, I thought I had tapped in for a crowd-pleasing par on the fifth hole, but when I wrote the score down I noticed it said 461-yard par-4. Yikes. Nice bogey.

Just up the street sits Morgan Creek, another Border Golf gem. The course is turning 20 years old and has been named as one of Golf Digest’s Places to Play. There is plenty to like from the five sets of tees to the immaculate conditions to the challenging layout that features plenty of water, wetlands and challenging greens.

And on the way north there is even more golf if you feel like a glutton. Like me. Places like Gleneagle in Arlington offer a quick golf experience on the way to the border to get in those warm up rounds. Another place worth the stop.