Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

Winter golf in the NW.

Winter golf might be a little cold in the NW, but if you want to play, you just have to do it

I have never been a fan of winter golf. Even some fall golf for that matter. When the temp goes below 50, count me out. When I drive by golf courses in the late fall and in the winter, I look out and invariably I see people out there golfing.

It might be cold. It might be raining. There might be puddles on the ground. You might lose your ball in some muck. It doesn’t matter. Some guys just get out and grind. I have friends that are like that.

This winter – I tried to be a grinder. It didn’t work out too well. I even tried to be a grinder when I went to Arizona for a week in January, which may sound strange because it’s Arizona. But when the temperature was 43 degrees on the first tee – it was grind city.

I own all the right gear to be a grinder during the winter golf season. I got my long pants, my long sleeve shirts, fleece tops, Titleist warming gloves, stocking hat and even some hand warmers. But on the few days I tried it, winter golf still was not much fun. OK I’m a fair weather golfer, sue me.

During one round, we teed off at a course in the Northwest and it was hovering around 45 degrees. The clouds were looming but no rain – yet. Even riding in a golf cart wasn’t warm. Although I will say the people in the other cart had a heater. Smart thinking. Not so much on my part.

About the third hole, the temperature didn’t get much warmer and the rain started to fall. bad combination. I somehow staggered through the front nine and then called it a day. ‘Where you going,” my friend asked. “Take me to the car to put my stuff away,” I replied. “You’re weak,” he said.

You got that right.

So I tried it again. Temperature was around 50 and the skies were clear. Got a little chillier as the day went and clouds came in, but this time I told myself don’t weak out. I finished and you know what, it wasn’t that bad.

So I tried it again a few days later – and not bad again. And in the trip to Arizona, it was very un-like Arizona weather as we played, but since I found a way to grind through the winter golf at home, I could do it in the desert. Winter golf may not be the best thing I do, but I can deal with it. It’s a little cold and a little unfriendly, but at least it’s golf.

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