Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

There seem to be idiots everywhere in the world of golf – and I might be one

OK, this is for all you golf idiots out there. And you know who you are. I will admit, sometimes I am one of them. Not often, but my golfing buddies will surely attest that I am part of the club occasionally.
The idiots I am talking about this time around are the ones who think they can take forever on the course, give their playing partners lessons, read putts from every angle and then take their time to putt, the ones who waggle five or six times and then swing the club.

And especially the ones who refuse to let others play through when it would make for a better round of golf for everyone.

Let’s take a look at a recent idiot episode. I was playing a round in Arizona and there were three of us and we were behind a foursome, which included a dad and his daughter. The front nine was OK, they played in about two hours, 10 minutes. Not bad, a little slow but at least they kept moving.

Then on the back side, they became idiots. The dad began giving lessons to his daughter on every shot, another player kept looking for his ball on every shot and suddenly the 10th hole itself took 25 minutes to play. Then the 11th took 20 minutes.

The 12th hole was another adventure, with a guy in a cart driving all over the place looking for shots and the dad playing the role of David Leadbetter to his daughter on every shot. It got so bad that the daughter would take three or four practice swings, then step back from the ball, take another practice swing and then hit. She was a good little player but we didn’t care, dad was making her a SLOW good little player.

On the 12th green I asked the dad if we could speed through – all in a nice voice. He started to babble about not letting us go through, despite the fact they were two holes behind already on the back side. The marshall drove by and said it would be a good idea for us to play through. When we got to the 12th tee box, group had stepped aside after they teed off and let us go through.

As we drove by, the dad was leaning against his cart, mean mugging us the whole time. Then he uttered a phrase I still can’t believe: “Hey why don’t we compare scorecards.” Really? Compare scorecards? My buddy was 2 over at the time, so let’s compare. But what a stupid comment. Dude and his group was slow. And then he wants to compare cards thinking he was good.

You see, idiots everywhere.

And there was a story I read about a fight between two foursomes in Massachusetts getting into a fight on the golf course and a 47-year-old man was arrested for allegedly biting off the thumb of another golfer.

Wow, more idiots.

• Editor’s note: Sometimes we make mistakes in this business when we think we get it right. Last month we had a story on Troon Golf and all of its properties in Arizona. Troon Golf has plenty to offer and plenty of places to play. But we ran the wrong photo. Troon North is pictured below, and is a desert treat. There are two courses at Troon North and both worth the time to tee it up. We regret the mistake.