Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

Recent trip to Sedona

The summer months might seem like an odd time for an Arizona road trip, but when the road trip includes a visit to Sedona, the time couldn’t be better. Sure the weather might be a little on the warm side, but in Sedona there are so many things to do on and off the golf course, any time is the right time for a Sedona visit.

As you make your way up Interstate-17 from Phoenix, the town turns to desert. And hills. But before you reach Sedona there are places that are worth the time – like Out of Africa wildlife park, about 35 minutes south of Sedona. It’s kind of like a lions and tigers and bears oh my kind of deal. OK stole that one from the Wizard of Oz. But there they are – the lions, the tigers, the white tiger, the bears, hyenas and just about every wildlife creature you can picture. There is even a Tiger Splash show.

For a warmup on the trip, not a bad deal. As you work your way up the back highway and make a turn, there it is: The stunning red rocks of Sedona. If the town is known for anything, it is the red rocks. Everywhere.

People head to Sedona for a variety of reasons: The art stores, the dining, the hotels with the terrific views, the off-road experiences, the hiking, you get the idea. But many people also head to Sedona for the golf. With two public courses (Oakcreek Country Club and Sedona Golf Resort) and one private (Seven Canyons), there is plenty of golf that features great views of the red rocks.

Off the course, Sedona is a tourist dream. On this trip my daughter and her boyfriend talked me into a hike called the Devil’s Bridge. Being 59 years old, hiking is something that is never at the forefront of a trip, but this hike looked interesting. And it was. It was one of several hikes that people head to Sedona to do. After three miles, there it was: The Devil’s Bridge. People went out to get their picture taken. Not me. I got my picture from the safety of the nearby rocks.

In the Sedona desert, an ATV ride on quads was a treat and a place called Slide Rock was a butt burner, as you slid down a river of rocks on your keister. But it was just another adventure to find in Sedona.

Will we go again? At least once a year, count on it. And we will never run out of things to do in Sedona.