Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

Important to prepare for winter golf in the Pacific Northwest

A couple of weeks ago, a buddy called up and said let’s go tee it up. It was late November and I checked outside while we were on the phone and there was some frost on the ground and the temperature gauge outside the house read 41 degrees.

Golf? In November? In 41 degrees? I asked him if he was out of his mind. He said he hadn’t played in a few days and wanted to get out. I told him to look outside. He didn’t care.

So I went along with this madness. I pulled into the parking lot at Twin Lake Golf and Country Club in Federal Way, looking to see if there were many cars in the lot and if the tee was open. I wondered what I was thinking.

As we stood the first tee, you could see our breath in the chilly air. But you know what, after that first tee shot, it wasn’t bad.

Yes, I said that. It wasn’t bad.

If you want to play year-round golf in the Pacific Northwest, you need to prepared – kind of like a Boy Scout. I made sure I was prepared. I had extra layers, warm gloves, a stocking hat and wool socks. And 18 holes later, the score might have not been good but the round was pleasant.

Yes, I said that. It was pleasant.

I have never been a fan of winter golf. If it’s cold, the clubs are staying in the trunk. If it’s raining and windy, I am going no where near a golf course.

But there are ways to play golf in the winter in the Pacific Northwest and make it an experience that just might keep you coming back. I will keep coming back. that was music to my friend’s ears as he lightened my wallet that day, knowing I am not a good winter player.

But now, after figuring out a few winter tricks, I might try and lighten his wallet. I bought some Titleist mittens to keep the hands warm. I remembered I had some turtle next shirts. I had some long underwear to help layer up. I grabbed a stocking hat I forgot I had. And I had some wool socks I forgot I had that were taking up space in a drawer.

Winter golf is now a thing for me. Now, if it rains or snows or the wind is blowing to drop the temperature even more, then we might have another problem.

But for now, bring on the winter golf. It might be cold, but I will be out there.

Steve Turcotte is editor of Inside Golf Newspaper. He can be reached at