Inside Comments: Steve Turcotte

Seven Canyons is another reason to make Sedona a destination for golf travels

The history of Seven Canyons can trace its roots back to 1961 when the course first made its appearance on the Sedona landscape. But back in those days, long before the town turned into the thriving tourist town it is now, the course was hard to get to. And because of that, the golf dream never materialized.

Flash forward to 2000 plans soon took shape for a luxury development to go along with a golf course. The developers hired Tom Weiskopf to come up with a plan, and he toured the grounds on horseback, taking notes along the way. He came up with a plan.

And in April of 2003, Seven Canyons opened for play.

When you take the drive from the clubhouse to the driving range and pull up to hit some warm up shots, you get the idea of what you are about to experience. The towering red mountains provide a scenic backdrop at the driving range, giving you a taste for what is to happen when you drive to the first tee.

There are red mountain views on every hole. The course might not seem long at 6,819 from the tips, but with some tight fairways and trouble around the greens, this course gives you everything you need.

As you wind your way around the course, it’s sometimes hard to stay focused. The views are spectacular, the holes are challenging and when you finish, you want to head to the first tee to try it again.

Seven Canyons is a private course but if you visit Sedona, there are ways to play. The villas can be rented and that gives you one avenue to get on the course and the Enchantment Resort is another stay and play partner with Seven Canyons.

There are two other golf courses in Sedona, Oak Creek Country Club and Sedona Golf Resort. Seven Canyons gives the area three great courses. Many people visit Sedona for the arts, shopping and hiking. But those golf courses give golfers another reason to head to Sedona.

Seven Canyons has been award winner – being named among the top 20 golf courses in Arizona, named as one of the best golf resorts in the country, one of the top 100 residential courses and one of the top 10 golf courses with epic views.

As you wind your way around Seven Canyons, you will see these awards are well worth it. There’s plenty to like on the course. And off the course there is even more to like with hiking, cycling, climbing, fishing, horseback riding and more.

Once you visit Sedona, you will be back.Steve Turcotte is editor of Inside Golf Newspaper. He can be reached