Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

Remember the keys to a proper backswing

This month, let’s take a closer look at the backswing.

I would like everyone to check out Photo 1. Notice the good hip turn. Not a sway, but rather a cranking hip turn.

Notice the depth of the arms and shaft because of this hip turn. Lower! Now this is not the top of my backswing. Notice how this turn is not a lift. Notice how my left arm matches the rod on the ground. That rod is 20 degrees inside the target line. Notice how my turn keeps my shaft and arms below the yellow pole set up even with my right shoulder. That would be what Ben Hogan (google Hogan if you are under 40) would describe swinging under the plane of glass.

The purpose of the backswing is mainly twofold; to accumulate power, by turning (coiling) and hinging the wrists. Secondly, the backswing puts us in a position to drive the grip, hands, and club directly at the inside quarter of the golf ball. This would be on a shallow (not steep) on plane approach. See Photo 2.

Finally, we just turn through on an arc to our finish. Photo 3.

Jeff Coston is a former PGA Tour Player. He runs his own golf academy at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Wash. He can be reached for appointment by calling 360.201.4590.