Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

Understanding the how and the why of a good backswing

I had a wonderful adventure January and February. My wife Diane and I went to Phoenix. I taught, played tournaments and worked on my 55 year old body.

I had some great breakthroughs in my own game also. I shot several rounds in the mid 60’s and one tournament round at 61. In fact, guys were age 20-35 and then there was Grandpa Coston. I was the leading money winner. Bam!

Let’s focus on the backswing this month. The backswing has a purpose, which is to:

1) Accumulate power by turning, coiling and hinging.

2) Put my body, shaft and club face in position to make a straight line to the golf ball.

If we are aware and understand the how and even the why of the backswing, we will have a better 2019 in golf.

See the photo of Rickie Fowler; notice how deep or low his hands are at the top of his backswing. If more players got lower and deeper by turning their hips they would be more on plane or shallower on the downswing! Important!

Note: The butt of the club should point to the target line when hinged going back, at top and to the hitting zone. Very Important! Fowler is a bit laid off. Tour players are mutations….

See me doing the wall drill. Photo 2. Turning shoulders and hips with little weight shift will enhance the depth of your backswing.

Finally, Photo 3, Tiger. Notice how his left shoulder goes down and not much weight shift! Sounds like heresy to most, but true. Physics not opinion.

Jeff Coston in a 22-time Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year. Member of the Pacific Northwest PGA Hall of Fame. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling Semiahmoo at 360 .201.4590. See jeffcoston.com.