Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

Cure the over-the-top swing move

Throughout this Covid19 situation I have given dozens upon dozens of online golf lessons and mentoring sessions. (See jeffcoston.com).

I have also been able to show clients how not only to improve on the driving range, but at home when nothing was open.

This “Swing Station” would help at least 95% of club golfers.

I have two driver shafts jammed together with one of my grandkids swimming noodles on top. This is even with my right shoulder and six inches to the right of my shoulder. (Photo 1). As you turn back, you would keep your arms and shaft below these Anti-Lift Poles.

“The Cone,” is even with my toe line and equal with the hosel of my club as I turn back. (Photo 1).

Here’s the key and procedure; as I TURN back the club head is slightly on the outside of The Cone. (Photo 1).

Procedure 2: As I continue to turn my hips and shoulders, I keep my shaft and arms under the Anti-Lift Poles. (Photo 2).

Procedure 3: On my downswing, as I swing my hands, arms and shaft to the ball, I swing on the inside of The Cone. (Photo 3).

This “Swing Station,” can be used on the driving range hitting shots or at home not hitting shots. You are creating a habit or swing path from an “inside approach” rather than a steep/above the proper swing plane or “Over the Top” approach.

Develop striking the ground where you want and squaring the club face. Perhaps that will be next month.

Jeff Coston is ranked #1 Teacher in Washington by Golf Digest and in the Pacific Northwest PGA Hall of Fame. Jeff is a 23-time Player of the Year and can be reached by calling Semiahmoo at 360.201.4590. See jeffcoston.com)