Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

With these three aspects, you just might become a better ball striker in 2020

It seems amazing that we have entered 2020. I remember wondering about the turning of 2000 and Y2K.

I do believe we can be better ball strikers in this coming year. If we did these three aspects, drills and swing stations great things would take place.

1) Photo 1; Anti arm lift, more turn. Ben Hogan imagined swinging under a plane of glass resting on his shoulders. This enhances depth of your backswing, turning your pivot rather than merely lifting ones arms.

2) Photo 2; Shallower attack thru “Hitting Zone!” Place a soft on the ground parallel to the target line. Make sure your club head works under the shaft on ground. Hit shots off a tee. Promotes proper plane thru hitting zone. Most consistent path. Zach Johnson does this regularly.

3) Photo 3; Practice IMPACT! Squaring the club face to the board or golf ball consistently. Hands lead to and thru golf ball and hitting zone. Shoulders square ant impact, weight left, hips, slightly cleared. Copy the photo.

You can set up all the images and stations at home. Do the drills with or without hitting shots.

Get better no matter the weather.

Jeff Coston is a 23-time Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year. He can be reached for appointment and lessons by calling Semiahmoo at 360 201-4590).

Editor’s note: Inside Golf Newspaper would like to congratulate our instructional columnist Jeff Coston on being named the top teacher in the state of Washington by Golf Digest Magazine.