Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

If you are having troubles around the greens, these steps will help to calm your nerves

I have many golfers come to me struggling with their pitching and chipping. Sometimes they even have the yips around the green. After a while these poor images abort their short game and become difficult to overcome.

Step one:
Create a reactive routine that take the conscious mind out of the equation.

If every golfer made “the game of golf” more reactive; took less time and incorporated a subconscious flowing routine on EVERY shot most would not only play better but have more fun!

In your routine: Waggle looking at the target, spend more focus on the target and less time standing and thinking while looking at the ball. I like to imagine Steph Curry shooting a basketball. Let it go! Keep moving! Less thought. Less energy. Less time.

Step two:
Practice landing the ball where you want.

Place a shaft or even a hula hoop on the green and get better at landing the ball where you want. Forget the hole, practice landing the ball where you want.

Step three:
If every golfer leaned more left at address with chest and nose on top of the golf ball, and finished turning on your left hip/leg all would hit their pitches more solid.

Take out the ROOTS of the grass not just the tops of the blades of the grass. (good image) Thump the roots as you turn. (photo 1 and 2)

Step four:
Big key here. Most poor to average pitchers of the golf ball create too many angles with their elbows folding and wrists hinging.

Imagine you have casts on your arms: (photo 1 and 2) and just turn your triangle of your two arms and chest back and through. Remember always start left and finish left. Its like your chest is the hub of the wagon wheel and your arms are the spokes. Keep it moving. Less hinge, less folding of your arms.

Jeff Coston is a member of the Pacific Northwest PGA Hall of Fame. Jeff can be reached at Semiahmoo for appointment by calling 360-201-4590. See jefffcoston.com