Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

Stretching can help you beat Father Time and help your game

December 4th I did something I had not done in over a decade. Something I truly enjoy. Something I had scholarships to do in college. Something you can get injured doing.

Yes, I played basketball and yes, I was injured. I tore my Achilles playing open gym and I had surgery December 8th. Ouch! I had not played for a long time for this very reason. Now here I am trying to beat Father Time to play well in 2017. Having worked out and exercised as a lifestyle and continuing to do so has given me longevity in golf and truly sped up my recovery. Many times trainers and golfers do “golf specific” training. I prefer to do total body movement/training. I use bands and lighter weights in my training. (See Photo 1). I do core work with the bands and “the ball” (photo 3) one can also stretch one “the ball.” Talk about stretch! At any age, especially on the wrong side of 50, stretching is mandatory! (Photo 2) Again, I honestly believe a lifestyle of fitness, proper eating, rest and measured golf practice will help anyone play better longer. Especially since I officially retired from basketball, again.

We just need to see the value; the possibilities and make a plan.
Take 40 minutes 3 days per week. Remember, you most likely with live longer, stronger with high quality of life and golf.
1) First, jump on a cardio machine for 15 minutes or more.
2) Pick 5 exercises and do 12-15 reps twice.
3) Pick 3 different stretches.

And off you go. You have just started a big step in a positive direction. Choices develop habits; habits build character; character develops a lifestyle.

Jeff Coston is a 21-time Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling Semiahmoo Resort, Golf and Spa at 360 201-4590. See jeffcoston.com