Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

A couple of golf prescriptions to improve your golf illnesses important to learn how to win, not just to play

I have had Jeff Coston Golf Academy at Semiahmoo for over 28 years now. My lines on social media are, “Gonna Make A Teacher Outta me Yet” and “Gonna Get This Game Yet!”

I’ve seen countless swings and designed prescriptions to improve swings and the enjoyment of this amazing game for all these years.

Here are two prescriptions or vitamins to improve many golf illnesses!

Photo 1: Anti-lift pole. Most golfers need to turn their shoulders and hips more on the backswing and not lift their arms as much going back. Ben Hogan would imagine a plane of glass on his shoulders and focused on swinging under it without breaking the glass. The anti-lift pole does the same. Place the pole even with your right shoulder and 8” outside it. Swing below the pole swinging back and thru. One can do this at home without a ball and on the range.

Photo 2: Many golfers struggle consistently hitting solid shots. Swinging under the anti-lift pole and imagining the pole there when it is not will definitely help.  Practice delivering and firing the leading edge of the club slightly in front of the line. Drive the butt of the club to the ball or line and master this lag or delay of releasing the club head.  Deliver the club at a shallow angle of approach to the “Hitting Zone.”

These two proven methods of practice will enhance your ball striking.

Jeff Coston is a PGA Section Teacher of the Year and Golf Digest #1 teacher in Washington. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling Semiahmoo at 360 201-4590.

    Jeff Coston is a PGA Northwest Section Hall of Fame member, the PGA Owner/Operator of the Jeff Coston Golf Academy and PGA Director of Instruction at the Semiahmoo in Blaine, Washington and can be reached for appointment at 360-.201.4590.