Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

The Lesson Tee: Get more out of your driver

I feel so fortunate to have spent my life in this amazing game of golf. High school, college and playing The PGA and Champions Tour.

Another amazing privilege has been to teach golfers from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond at my golf academy at Semiahmoo for close to 30 years. I keep saying, “They’re gonna make a teacher outta me yet!”

This issue I’d like to share some helpful information on our “offensive weapon” in our golf bag. The Driver! Golf is much more fun and easier when we drive the golf ball well.

Most golfers swing the driver on to steep an angle of approach to the golf ball.

Most golfers would have more success with the driver (and all clubs) with a stronger grip.

Most golfers have shafts too stiff and too long.

Most golfers need more loft on their driver.

Students come to me at Semiahmoo from hours away to score better, learn proper technique, think effectively and hit their driver better. Among other things. If my life depended on clients hitting their driver more consistently and further, they would practice in this Swing Station. Constantly. (See Photo 1).

Like Ping Pong and Tennis a shallow angle of approach is a speed producing angle and spin. A steep angle or cutting across the plane approach is a speed reducing angle of approach to the ball. Not my opinion, but Physics. Most golfers will need to make their backswing lower, deeper, swinging more around their spine than in a straight line and up. (Photo 2-3). This will enhance the angle of approach to the golf ball.

Jeff Coston is a member of the Pacific Northwest PGA Hall of Fame and Golf Digest #1 Teacher in Washington. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling Semiahmoo at 360 201-4590. See jeffcoston.com for more.