Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

If you are not making putts maybe it is time to get fitted for your putter

Everyone wants to make more putts. Everyone! Most people do not have a putter that fits them well. Golfers usually get fit for everything, but a putter.

Golfers grab a putter because someone on television uses it, or it is a certain popular brand. I want a putter that I aim well and one that has the appropriate loft for my setup and stroke. 65 percent of golfers aim left from 6 feet. 30 percent aim to the right. Only 5 percent aim where they desire from 6 feet. Ouch!

Different hosel designs and various lines and where they are located on the putter can influence ones aim. Different putters (strokes) for different folks.
I use a EDEL putter for these reasons and their fitting system.
I use Titleist Driver, fairway metals, irons and the golf ball for certain reasons also.
Let’s look at “putting posture.” Photo 1.
1) Eyes on top or slightly inside of golf ball
2) Arms on same plane as shaft
3) Grip in lifeline of each hand
4) Copy Photo 1

Most golfers rotate the putter face too much and also have more arc on the stroke than is necessary or desired. After aim, speed and read, you need to control the putter face.

Especially on shorter putts. This is why I use a clip and a straight board. This practice method limits the rotation of putter face and excess arc in the stroke. There will be arc as I stand on the side of the ball. Photo 2 and 3.

Golfers three putt more because of poor speed, not poor line. Hit several 30-foot putts with focus on speed. You will also find more success if you play twice as much break on a putt 15 feet or more.

There is technique in putting sure, but I feel putting is 80 percent art and 20 percent technique. You can get a putting clip on my website.

Jeff Coston is a 22-time Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year. He is a PGA Teacher of the Year. Jeff can be reached at Semiahmoo for appointment by calling 360 201 4590. See jeffcoston.com