Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

If you are looking for better results, change you practice plan

April marks the beginning of the golf season for many golfers. We know it is important to begin a new season with a vision and goals to improve in 2018.

If we keep going about our game as in the past, more than likely we will get the same results and improve very little.

I would encourage a couple drills to improve the path of our downswing. These swing-enhancing drills will get golfers on a better path/swing plane through the hitting zone.

Place two driver shafts together even with right shoulder. This is called an anti-lift pole. (Photo 1) The anti-lift pole produces so many great things! It enhances depth to the backswing; turn rather than lift and shallowing of the downswing.

Next, place an impact bag where the golf ball would be with a shaft behind it. (Photo 1) The drill is to spin the bag to the right of the pole. Most would swing to steep and spin the bag to the left. Spinning the bag left I’d be “over the top” of the plane.

To shallow the downswing on a proper plane, drive the butt of the club to the right keeping your shoulders closed and your back to the target. (Photo 2) Spin the bag to the right of the pole. Start the downswing with your arms and hands. And then finish strong with a good follow through (Photo 3)

You can do the drill at home or on the range.

Jeff Coston is the Pacific Northwest Section Teacher of the Year. He is a 21-time Player of the Year. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling Semiahmoo Resort at 360 201 4590. See jeff coston.com for more.