Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

Swing Station Improvement system can help you with winter golf training

November through February, due to weather, are very difficult times to improve our golf. We can do things to improve, indoors as well as hitting balls outside.

This “Swing Improvement Station” can be used to hit shots, make practice swings, to improve technique, and do specific drills.

Let’s get after it!

Most golfers do not own a proper swing plane or path. Most are to steep entering the hitting zone or “over the top” of the proper swing plane. This “Swing Station” will fix that.

Place a 36-inch cone or shaft where the outside edge is even with your toe line and extend to the hosel of your club. See photo 1.

As you make a backswing, your club head moves slightly outside the cone or shaft. See photo 1.

On the downswing, the club moves on the inside of the cone. See photo 2. Most golfers need to feel like they are making an inside loop to achieve this. Imagine Matthew Wolf or Jim Furyk. It is necessary. Keep your shoulders closed to the target and feel like you are mostly using your hands and arms on the downswing. Most golfers overuse their body on the downswing.

Place a shaft behind an impact bag and master spinning the bag to the right of the shaft. See photo 3.

This Station will improve your path. You can take away the impact bag in Photo 3 and make proper practice swings or even hit balls!

Do this at home, at the golf course, better yet do both.

Jeff Coston is a former PGA Tour Player, Hall of Fame member and Golf Digest #1 Teacher in Washington. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling Semiahmoo at 360 201-4590. See jeffcoston.com.