Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

Looking to get that grooved swing? Check out these drills for improvement

It’s September – I’ve had Jeff Coston Golf Academy at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Wash. for more than 26 years.

Wow, I’m so grateful for all the golfers coming for instruction and the friendships! As I say, “you’re going to make a teacher of me yet.”

The last 26 years we have discussed many facets of an effective golf swing. One important facet is: We swing in an arc or circle around our axis/spine not in a line.

Since I stand on the side of the golf ball the club and my hands move in a circle/arc around my spine.

Example: Hold a pencil in your right hand, now turn your body, observe how the pencil and your hand work in an arc around your body. The golf club does the same. See Photo 1. (Make sure the butt of the club points to the target line).

Notice my left arm is approximately 20 degrees inside the target line and my hands cover my right bicep. That would be a slight arc around my spine and around the target line. It’s physics, not my opinion. Ben Hogan imagined swinging under a plane of glass resting slightly above his shoulders. Great Image. Photo 2 (make sure the butt of the club points to the target line).

A wonderful drill and image to create depth and thus the ability to shallow the shaft on the downswing is “The Wall Drill.” (Photo #3). Set up with you rear end touching a wall. Turn and touch wall with left or both hands. Image swinging under the plane of glass

I practice with this plane of glass or shaft above my shoulder often. I know these proven concepts have definitely helped me to continued success over my lifetime.

Jeff Coston is a 23-time Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year. He is PGA Teacher of the Year. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling Semiahmoo at 360.201.4590. See jeff coston.com.