Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

It’s time to sharpen your game

Some Secret Sauce in golf.

We are heading into the 2024 golf season. It’s time to get everything going in the right direction.

We all need coaching, sharpening, input, accountability and continual growth in golf.  As we get into the season, it’s time to get that game even sharper.

I would like to address a few helpful insights to your golf game this month.

1.  Aim:  Most everyone tries to aim their club face where they want the ball to go, but most are unaware of aiming the body.  Most aim their body right of their target. 

They then must make an undesired move to hit the golf ball back to their target.  I would like my athletes to aim the feet left of the target or end point.

Left is much more effective than aiming to the right!  You should feel like your feet aim at the short stop when wanting to hit the shot to second base. 

You can feel like your shoulders are at second base, but not hips and feet.  My experience is when someone feels this aim everything is quite square.

2.  Stronger Grip:  I’ve said it many time in many articles.  Stronger is better than weaker for 85% of golfers.  See three knuckles in the left hand and put the club in your fingers.  Then match the right hand with the left. (Photo 1).

3.  Get Position 3:  (Photo 2)  Create depth to your backswing by turning your hips and shoulders.  Without hip turn it is difficult to create enough depth to shallow the shaft properly on the downswing.  Create 20 degrees of depth at position 3 in the backswing. 

Another image is when you turn your hips and shoulders create enough depth to touch a wall going back.  (Photo 3).

      Jeff Coston has played the PGA Tour, Web.com and Champions Tour.  He is a multiple Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year and is in the PGA Hall of Fame.  Jeff can be reached for appointment year round by calling S360.201.4590. See  www.jeffcoston.com for more.