Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

The Lesson Tee: Have ‘a plan’ if you want to lower your scores

Each new year we have good intentions, for sure. Good intentions in business, family, fitness, golf and perhaps many more.  I fully desire to move from good intentions to great results. I encourage my client/friends to make a written plan. It can be a weekly or monthly plan. “The Plan” can be simple:

    • Practice 2x per week.

    •  Play 2x per month.

    • 1-2 lessons per month.

    • Rehearse impact or drill at home 10 minutes.

Specific written goal setting has been huge in my golf and life. Let’s talk about a few practical elements of the backswing. The backswing has two main purposes;

    1) to accumulate power by wrist hinge and turning/ coiling.

    2) to get the club and my body in a position to fire the club in a straight line to the ball.

    (Photo 1) This drill has been very effective for so many golfers. Stand in golf posture with your rear end on a wall. Turn your shoulders AND hips as you touch the wall with your left hand even with your left shoulder.

Do not sway to accomplish this. Just turn. This drill creates depth to your swing which is key in a shallow or on plane downswing.

(Photo 2) This is a wonderful check point for your backswing with all clubs! So important. Do this in a mirror also. Hinge your wrists so the butt of the club points toward or just inside the target line. Your right hand should be even with your bicep. Your left arm need be slightly inside the target line.

If you can acquire or master these two elements of the backswing, your golf in 2023 will astonish you!

(Photo 3) This is a practical way to hit balls to help accomplish our backswing elements. Put two driver shafts together. Place them even with your trail shoulder and four inches outside your shoulder. Make swings and hit shots at home and on the range in this “Swing Station.”

After the proper grip, aim and ball position, these backswing keys are the next essential in 2023 template.

Jeff Coston is a member of the Pacific Northwest PGA Hall of Fame. Jeff can be reached for appointment by calling Semiahmoo Resort at 360 201 4590. See jeffcoston.com and @coston_jeff on Twitter.