Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

Drills for some amazing improvements in your game

In January and February, I’ve been in Phoenix teaching, practicing and working out at Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler, Arizona. Definitely trying to stay young from the neck down. I’m back now at “Magical Semiahmoo,” entering my 26th year at Semiahmoo.

If we lined up 100 golfers and they did the two drills and practice procedures I’m about to give, at least 98 of the 100 would see amazing improvement.
These drills enhance our backswing. The backswing has two major purposes:
1) To accumulate power by turning, coiling, and wrist hinge.
2) Backswing puts us in proper position to allow our hands to make a straight line to the golf ball and hitting zone.

Photo 1: Place a shaft even with your right shoulder and four inches right of your right shoulder. As you turn, turn your left shoulder down and hands and shaft move under the pole/shaft in the ground. You will feel lower and flatter. This is necessary for most. One need create depth to the backswing in order to come on a proper shallow plane on the downswing. Most golfers miss this.

Photo 2: Do this “Wall Drill.” Turn your shoulders and hips without much weight shift. Again, your left shoulder goes down. This Wall Drill creates depth, a missed necessity for most golfers. Your left hand touches the wall shoulder high.

Golfers need get better other then just hitting balls. Practice in a Swing Station and do the Wall Drill you will not be disappointed. Imagine the poles when you are on the course.

Jeff Coston is a Pacific Northwest Section Teacher of the Year and rated #1 Teacher in Washington by Golf Digest. Jeff can be reached at Semiahmoo for appointment by calling 360 201-4590. See jeffcoston.com.