WJGA announces new rules for 2017

Updated: April 3, 2017

The Washington Junior Golf Association has increased its age limit to 18 years old beginning in 2017 and will now be open to 8-18 year old players with the oldest age for boys and girls being 16-18.

Also, a players’ age on Aug. 1 determines what WJGA age division they will play in that year. This date falls more closely in line with the WJGA State Championship than the traditional June 1 date and will also prevent 19 year olds from playing in district events. The WJGA also announced another spring Open event, the WJGA Players Open, which will be played May 20-21, 2017. Registration for the WJGA 2017 season began March 1. Visit wjga.net or call 253.564.0348 for more information.