TopGolf plans Kirkland lounge

Updated: May 1, 2019

TopGolf’s coming to the Seattle market but will be different than anything the popular sports entertainment chain has made its name on. 

The Dallas-based company unveiled Topgolf Lounge, a combination of sports bar and virtual driving range, with the first location to open at the Kirkland Urban project that is under construction.

Instead of the acres of land it takes to build out Topgolf’s traditional driving ranges, the Lounge concept features simulators. The 7,761 square feet facility will feature four “hitting bays” open to the public — at a to-be-determined rate — and one additional VIP space. But, unlike a normal Topgolf facility, these bays won’t look out onto a real-life driving range, rather a screen using Topgolf’s TopTracer swing simulator. 

Topgolf Lounge will have live sports, Full Swing simulators and a broad selection of virtual games, music, food, desserts and cocktails.

The company is looking to hire people to work in the new facility, check out their website to find out more.