Rick Fehr is new teaching pro at Pro Golf Discount’s new Bellevue store

Updated: November 2, 2018

If you happen to wander in to the new Pro Golf Discount store in Bellevue, you might see a familiar face working in a back teaching studio. If that face happens to look like former PGA Tour player Rick Fehr, you would be spot on.

The 56-year-old Fehr is settling into his new role as a PGA teaching professional at Pro Golf Discount, which opened a new facility recently. Part of that facility is a teaching studio for Fehr, complete with multiple video screens and the latest in VI Pro HD video analysis.

Fehr played on the PGA Tour for years, winning twice – the first at the BC Open in 1986 and then again claiming the Walt Disney World Classic in 1994. As an amateur, there weren’t many better than Fehr when he was growing up in the state of Washington. He won the 1982 Western Amateur and was the low amateur at both The Masters and the U.S. Open in 1984.

Fehr turned pro in 1985, winning in his second year on tour. He made a solid living on tour, and even tried the Champions Tour before injuries set him back and he decided to try something else.

He started teaching in 2003 at the Golf Club at Newcastle before moving to the TPC Scottsdale for 12 years. Along the way he also got into the sports agent business, representing other golfers in interests off the course.

The competitive fire still burns in Fehr, and now that his back and other injuries seem to be OK he would like to play competitively. He will down the road, but for now, it’s all about the teaching.

“The great thing about teaching is the chance to watch people improve their golf games,” said Fehr. “I had my chance in the golf game, and now I want to give back and help others with their games.”

At his new studio inside the Pro Golf Discount facility, Fehr thinks he can do wonders for golfers. He has just about every new piece of technology to help people figure out what is wrong with their swings and see results when they take it outside.

“I’ve been lucky to achieve my goals in golf,” said Fehr. “It’s time to keep giving back to the game that I’ve enjoyed for years.”

Fehr is the perfect kind of golf teacher. He has played the game at the highest level and has plenty of patience to work with new golfers.

But that doesn’t mean that tournament golf is a thing of the past. Fehr did try the Champions Tour for a couple of years, playing on an exemption in 2012-2013 and part of 2014, but he struggled because of an injury to his back. It was painful to swing a golf club.

Now, those injuries are healed and he is ready to play again. He wants to tee it up in some major tournaments around the Pacific Northwest next spring and summer. And, who knows, maybe a trip back to a Champions Tour event now and then in 2019.

“I love to compete,” Fehr said. “I will work on my swing in the winter and see where it goes from there. If the game is good maybe I can try and qualify for something bigger.”

Pro Golf Discount’s new state-of-the-art facility in Bellevue is just up the street from its old location. The new store is 50 percent bigger than the original store and is almost 10,000 square feet, it comes complete with four fitting studios, all with Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitors. The studios also features V1 Teaching Software.

“There is more of everything – and we have the space for it,” said Manager Todd Johnson, who has been with Pro Golf for 26 years. “We are really spread out now- it’s a perfect place.”

The staff at the Bellevue store has over 150 years of combined experience.

For information call 425.641.6766.