Pacific Am limited to 300 players and Sunriver Resort is in charge

Updated: April 3, 2017

The 2017 Pacific Amateur Golf Classic will have the same home but a new look. Sunriver Resort in Central Oregon has assumed control of the 21st annual tournament from the Central Oregon Visitors Association and will have some new changes for the 2017 event.

The Pacific Amateur Golf Classic will take place Sept. 23-28 – this year the event will be held entirely at Sunriver Resort. The three tournament rounds will be held at the resort’s Woodlands, Meadows and Crosswater courses. The top finishers from each flight will advance to Crosswater for the tournament championship.

This is the first year in Pacific Amateur history that all players will get a chance to play the award-winning Crosswater course whether they qualify for the final round or not – as they play it during the course of the tournament.

“Everybody gets a shot at playing Crosswater now,” said Josh Willis of Sunriver Resort. “And if you do well, you will get to play it twice. We are excited about having the entire event at Sunriver to showcase what we have.”

The other big change for the tournament will be that the event will be limited to 300 players. There will still be a variety of flights for men, women and seniors but the limit for this year’s event will be set at 300.

“We have invested in this event for 20 years and want to make sure it stays the first-class event that it has become,” said Willis.

Entry fee for the tournament is $575 and includes the three tournament rounds and a fourth if you are in the top four of your individual flight. There will also be a welcome dinner for all players in the tournament.

“We are excited about taking over the tournament,” Willis said. “We have some new and grand plans ready to roll out for this year’s tournament. We think people will really like what they see when they get here to play.”

Sunriver Resort is offering packages for players to take part in the event and stay at the resort during the week.

For more information on the 2017 Pacific Amateur and the new plans, please see the website