Lewis River’s new owner upgrading entire facility

Updated: May 1, 2023

To those in-the-know, the Lewis River is one of the lower Columbia River’s most popular and productive fishing tributaries.  Lewis River Golf is beneficiary of the spectacular scenery that surrounds its property. Populating the course and riverbanks are nesting bald eagles (#14th green), osprey (13th fairway), heron (north and south riverbanks) and egret (south riverbank).  Off-season players are also enjoying the Lewis River goats who have been hard at work revealing a line of site from course to river.

Soon, the 4,500 square foot riverside patio will open to the public.  The serene and peaceful venue enjoyed an ambitious off season update.  New ownership purchased modern, comfortable patio furniture (think urban hotel rooftop bar) and is lighting up the south bank of the river in a subtle manner – a perfect backdrop to the large, patio wood fireplace. When fall arrives, plans are in place to create a comfortable all-weather outdoor experience that is warm, dry and inviting. 

Dinner menu upgrades will be in place by the time of publication, and technological upgrades will speed ordering, delivery and check out. On a recent afternoon, the restaurant staff was quite excited about the upcoming outdoor dining season and how they are sure it will exceed anyone’s expectations.  Turf team members who wandered in for sustenance seemed just as convinced that their product – the condition of the greens, hazards, and virtually every visual element – will be the WOW factor most people will take away. 

While the patio has long hosted weddings, this year, numerous community and corporate events will take precedence.  Live music has for months maxed out the indoor bar on Thursday nights, which will move to the patio as weather permits.  Cigar nights and family gaming nights will be added to the traditional Wine, Nine and Dine nights held throughout the summer.