Inside Golf’s cartoonist’s new book, just in time for Father’s Day

Updated: June 3, 2019

There is a new book out, called Golf–This damn Sport! By Harold Bluestein. 

Bluestein’s cartoon strip “Double Bogey” has been featured in Inside Golf Newspaper for over 20 years. 

Bluestein is also an accomplished award winning artist/illustrator for his fine art featuring golfers Arnold Palmer, and Ben Hogan. 

He was a guest of Mr. Hogan in 1993, at the Colonial Golf Tournament celebrating the 40th Anniversary of his winning three of the four majors in one year. Harold’s drawing of Ben Hogan “1953 the Hogan Year” was embroidered onto a limited edition golf bag and a print was proudly displayed over Mr. Hogan’s desk in Fort Worth.

Harold Bluestein has been a member of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) for 25 years. His years as an instructor and college golf coach have given him a humorous outlook on golf. He is an accomplished instructor and has received six Pacific Northwest PGA awards for his efforts in player development and growth of the game. 

This year is his eighth season as a radio co-host on ESPN 1080 The Fan; a popular 8:00 am Saturday morning show “Golf in the Northwest” from a Portland studio. The show is streamed live across the US. Harold shares his experiences as a professional, interviews players and golf celebrities and offers helpful swing tips to an ever-growing number of listeners.

Golf – This damn Sport! is available on Amazon’s website for $16.95 paperback and $13.99 on Kindle.