Highlands Golf Course set to celebrate its 90th

Updated: December 31, 2020

The Highlands Golf Course in Tacoma is celebrating its 90th Anniversary in 2021 and the new owners are planning as much excitement as COVID-19 pandemic will allow. If their first year in charge was any indication, look out. Local golfers responded to their many course improvements by playing 11,000 more rounds there than the year before. 

That means more than 27,000 rounds were played at Highlands in 2020. It also means that Tacoma golfers have experienced more than a million and-a-half rounds at the “gem” of a par-3 course (with one par 4) near the Narrows Bridge since its June 20th opening in 1931. Jack Connelly has been responsible for a “like new” facility at his totally- remodeled course and truly agrees with its motto – “Half the Time – Twice the Fun”. He feels that short courses will play a key role in the future of the golf business. 

“Many of today’s golfers don’t have 5 or 6 hours to spend on a golf course on a regular basis,” he said. And there’s a bonus “like working on one’s all-important short game with an opportunity for golf’s biggest thrill on every green – a hole in one.”

A new café, McDuff’s, a new extended patio with an outdoor fireplace and a new fire pit, a remodel of its clubhouse, new sand in every bunker, improvements to all of the greens (many think they are now the best in the state), a new irrigation system (soon to be completed) and lots of attention to the scenic beauty of the course surroundings are examples of the “new” Highlands. So, what’s on the agenda for the 90th celebration? 

A renewal of the Washington State Par-3 Championship is planned. A 90th Anniversary celebration will feature a tournament and fun for all. Ownership is dedicated to making Highlands a recreational experience for our seniors and our youngsters as well as a “tune-up” opportunity for golfers who want to remain at the top of their “games”.