Highlands Golf Course enjoys record setting rounds

Updated: October 2, 2020

When Jack and Angela Connelly became the owners of Highlands Golf Course in Tacoma a little more than a year ago, they couldn’t have asked for a more favorable response from those golfers “working on their short game” In July and August of this year they had the largest number of rounds played in the 89-year history of the course. In both months there were over 5,000 rounds played, and this August actually doubled last August in its number of rounds.

Course superintendent Gordy Mosely gets the credit for having greens that now rival those of any other course in the state, the bunkers are raked and the course groomed every morning.

McDuff’s Café also has added to the popularity after a slow start thanks to COVID-19. The “two fireplace patio” is often busy throughout the day. Duffer Dogs, Birdie Wings, and Eagle Deli Sandwiches, are huge favorites and so is the Café’ Darte coffee. The welcoming atmosphere at McDuff’s includes dramatic views in pictures of Pebble Beach, Augusta, St. Andrews and Chambers Bay. How about Ireland?              

Connelly wouldn’t consider leaving the Irish off, nor would he forget the sign on the wall there – “Today Will Be A Good Day”.  It’s the McDuff’s goal. Café’ Manager Ben Savage makes good on that promise. His team of terrific baristas expect to brighten anyone’s day with outstanding beverages and sandwiches, great breakfast choices, and some excellent beer and wine selections from the state’s finest connoisseurs from WSU’s Alumni and Greek Row.   

During golf’s “off season,” management intends to continue the work on course landscaping, revamping the third hole, and expanding water on the picturesque 5th.  If COVID-19 permits, even larger crowds in support of charity tournaments and neighborhood gatherings will be in attendance next season. Watch for the return of the Washington State Par-3 Championship and a Highlands 90th Anniversary Celebration. For information call 253-759-3622.