Golfing with an RV

Updated: April 2, 2022

The attraction of traveling with an RV is gaining traction across the Northwest and all of America, as the increased sales numbers show. Taking this into consideration, many golf course owners have made the decision to add onsite overnight camping. Some, like Desert Aire in Mattawa, Wash. have spent a substantial investment to expand their RV sites. This can only be justified by the increased number of RV golfers that are looking to park at the course.

A new company called RV2Tee has come up with a unique twist that offers an option to RV golfers with self-contained rigs. Their members can camp overnight at select courses that do not have hookups. See for more information.

Northwest golfers are fortunate to have so many choices of golf courses that provide overnight RV parking, but with the increase number of people taking up golf and buying RVs, the supply is not infinite and finding an opening can be a challenge during peak travel times.  Calling the course a day or two ahead may not be enough in today’s world – it may be the new normal. Discounted ‘Stay ‘n Play’ packages may also be harder to find.

It may be more advantages to stay at one location longer, opposed to jumping from one course to another on a trip, especially during peak travel times.

For those pulling a trailer or with motorhomes towing a car, there is the option of staying at off-course parks and detaching their vehicle and driving to several courses in the area. Keep in mind that even off-course parks are experiencing higher demand.

It’s not just retirees that are driving up the demand for RV space, younger people have significantly affected the sales numbers. Combine that with the ‘baby boomers’ reaching retirement age, many taking early retirement, the appeal of traveling with an RV is growing exponentially.

If you are able to travel during the week, it will increase your changes for securing a campsite on short notice as well as possibly getting a discount. Longer stays can also get you a special discount at many courses. Check course websites to see their specials.