Golf and RV’s offer a pandemic escape

Updated: April 5, 2021

More Northwest golfers are finding that traveling with an RV can provide a safe way to get out of the house and still enjoy a golf trip for a weekend or for a week or two

While we suffer through the pandemic experience, some golfers have found a way to enjoy life. With so many people working from home or laid off an on unemployment, they have been looking for a way to get out of their homes and start truly living their lives again.  The news is full of businesses that have been devastated by the restrictions brought on the the virus. Some businesses like golf have actually grown. Another one is RV sales and rentals are seeing a spike in business.

Air travel was stifled due to nation-wide restrictions and people had to find anther way to get out of the house and RVs provided that option.  Travel experts say that interest is likely to continue due to social distancing guidelines and the relative safety of traveling in a self-contained vehicle where people can control the cleanliness, cook their own food and keep away from others.

One survey found that 68% of the people feel safe in a personal vehicle (RV). That may be good news to RV sellers, manufacturers, and RV parks, but it can make it more difficult for travelers to find an open space in parks. 

Northwest golfers are fortunate to have so many choices of golf courses that provide overnight RV parking but, with the increase of people taking up golf and buying RVs, finding an opening can be a challenge during peak times.  Calling a golf course a day or two ahead may not be enough in today’s world – it may be the new normal. Discounted ‘Stay ‘n Play’ packages may also be harder to find.

There are other benefits to being a golfer traveling with an RV. For those pulling a trailer or with motorhomes towing, they have the option of staying in off-course parks and detaching their vehicle and driving to several courses in the area.         

Most golfers traveling with RVs do so when the weather is warm, which provides some nice evenings sitting in a lawn chair sipping cocktails or grilling dinner. As many people enjoy traveling with friends, it especially nice to sit outside and visit after a round of golf.  

Traveling by RV has so many benefits like being able to skip out for the weekend of golf without using up vacation time.

What to expect from courses when traveling with an RV

What can you expect from golf courses with overnight parking? The basic requirement for most campers is electric. Water and sewer connections are preferred but not absolutely necessary for a couple of nights for most self-contained rigs. 

Most RV sites from golf courses come with all three connections, but it’s probably a good idea to confirm what is available before you book your stay. 

Nearly all casinos provide RV access but not all provide hookups. 

• The exception would be places like Wildhorse in Pendleton, Ore. which has 100 hookups and a pool and spa, and a short walk to the golf course or casino. A great place if you want to take in a live show, play a few casino games or get in some top quality golf, or just relax in the park.  

• The Little Creek Casino (Salish Cliffs) in Shelton, has 44 full hookups and several other amenities including it award-winning golf course.

• Swinomish Casino in Anacortes, has electric, cable and water but no sewer connection. They also are not located near their golf course (Swinomish Links) and do not provide a shuttle service to the course. 

• Circling Raven (Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort) provides only electrical hookups and is within walking distance to the course (a long walk).

• Some of the privately owned courses with RV spaces that have more than just hookups, like Sage Hills Golf and RV Resort in Warden, Wash. which has a pool, a meeting hall, laundry facility a restaurant and lounge, a croquet area and a horseshoe pit. As a bonus, they are offering winter rates until the end of April.

• Sun Country Golf and RV Resort is in Cle Elum, Wash. and features RV parking next to the clubhouse and is located right off I-90. They only have 14 full hooksups (no cable) and plenty of recreational activities in the area for you to choose from when making a visit.

• Deer Park RV Resort, about 45 minutes north of Spokane, is a 5-star resort next to Dear Park Golf Course. It has the amenities you would expect from a resort, like pool & hot tub, recreational pavilion with exercise equipment, plenty of dog runs, laundry room, Bocce Ball court, and a rig washing area.

• One of the often over looked golf course with RV overnight parking is the 9-hole Royal City Golf Course, in Royal City, of Course. An unusual bonus when staying at Royal City GC are the crop dusters. There are high tension wires that run through part of the course and in the early mornings and late afternoons it’s common to see a crop duster fly under the wires. It can be quite dramatic if you happen to be on the course. It is also a great place to watch birds in the small lake next to the course.

• Sun Lakes Resort in Coulee City, Wash. offers plenty of places to stay with 152 RV spots and another 69 cabins. There are several options for water activities and Vic Meyers Golf Course is always a treat to play.

•  Mallard Creek Golf and RV resort in Lebanon, Ore. is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, known as the wine region. It has been featured as one of Good Sam’s top 100 RV resorts in North America by Good Sam. It offers 43 paved sites each with their own lawns, full hookups, cable access, and Wi-Fi.