Could there be new life for Eaglemont?

Updated: May 31, 2023

There is a sliver of a chance that there could be new life for Eaglemont Golf Course in Mount Vernon, Wash. Eaglemont was permitted by the city in 1992 and closed in 2022. The course is surrounded by 277 homes, many built because of the location next to or close to the golf course.

After being closed for a couple of years, the course was subsequently purchased by the Beacon Hill Ministries, who want to turn the property into a Christian retreat.

The home owners contend that the property was originally permitted as a public golf course and the ministry does not have the right to change that designation. However, the new owner says we own the land and can do with it as we wish.

Tim Langenberg, the Executive Director of Beacon Hill Ministries claims that the 20,000 square foot club house would cost about $750,000 to make it viable and another $10 million to reopen the golf course, and it’s just not financially feasible. In an e-mail sent to KING 5 News by Kevin Rogerson, the Mount Vernon City Attorney, he said the City takes no position on the issue, but in situations similar to this, he indicated that the courts have recognized that the homeowners may have merit.

One compromises put forth is for the homeowners to foot the bill to bring the golf course back. That has been flatly refused by the homeowners.

It seems that the next step will be decided by the courts. We’re all hoping to see it resurrected.

Homestead Golf Course

Homestead is another course that may be on the verge of closing. The homeowners, fearing that the owners might close the course, have filed suit with the owners, demanding that they keep it open. Many residents are in favor of stopping the suit so that Duane Scholten, a local businessman, can buy the course. Scholten put in an offer in July of 2021, but won’t pursue it as long as it is in litigation.