A hole-in-one on her very first golf swing?

Updated: October 2, 2020

It was August 24, 2020, the first day of the summer’s last Junior Camp at Jackson Park Golf Course in Seattle, when PGA Professional Dave Boivin met Eggers sisters Evelyn (age 15) and Laurel (age 13). 

Like many ‘tween and teenage girls, the Eggers sisters had never played golf before.  As part of a brief goal-setting exercise they were asked what they’d like to experience. Evelyn said, “I’m here to see if golf is something I might like to do–but really I’d just like to have fun with my sister.”

After the morning activities, the students moved to Jackson Park’s Executive Nine to experience what it’s like to be on a golf course.  

As the kids approached the first tee, Evelyn asked what to do.  Boivin suggested a club to use for the 105 yard downhill first hole and said “just aim for the hole” along with his typical encouragement to “relax, have fun, and enjoy the afternoon!” 

And that she did, she ever.

It was Evelyn’s first time on an actual golf course, her first swing on her very first hole. And what happened?  Her ball landed on the green, then rolled and rolled until it hit the flag, and went in the hole. Dad said: “I think that went in the hole for a Hole-in-One.” Sure-enough when we walked up, it was in the cup.

We all celebrated and congratulated Evelyn on her amazing start to golf—completing the dream of many a golfer on her very first golf swing.

What are the odds?!