Tacoma Firs planning to transform the range into gaming facility

Updated: March 4, 2019

Tacoma Firs is reinventing its facility into Gamerz Golf Tacoma, a golf entertainment facility with food, beverages and next generation golf games for both avid and beginner golfers. The games are fun and being able to hit a regular ball is very attractive for many experienced golfers.

Tacoma First entered into an agreement with Gamerz Golf, which not only allows the golfers to practice and also have some fun at the same time. Like TopGolf which offers games and the chance for food and beverage services, Gamerz Golf does the same- but also adds in an instructional element as well.

The finished product will have a 60-seat restaurant, 45-seat sports bar where food and beverages will be served to the gaming bays. 

GM Mike Givens said he is in the process of raising money to give Tacoma Firs the new look. Plans call for building a new 40,000 square foot complex on the site of the old 5,900 square foot building. The new building would feature plenty of hitting stations as well as restaurant and a bar upstairs.

“‘We want people to be able to drive up the hill and say ‘wow’ when they see what we have done,” said Givens. 

For those who want to just practice, 20 bays will be used just for practice, no technology.