Northwest courses hope to shrug off the bad winter and rally in spring

Updated: May 1, 2017

If you thought Mother Nature was bad to you this winter, think about the golf courses of the Pacific Northwest. While the weather made for tough going for anything outside except for skiers, the golf courses around the Northwest had to deal with blank tee sheets and empty golf courses while the weather stayed nasty.

Not only did it rain, but also snow, ice, wind and chilly temperatures kept golfers off the golf courses this winter.

“There are a lot of golfers out there with some pent up energy about getting out and playing some golf,” said one Northwest General Manager. “We got a lot of calls from golfers wanting to know when the course will be in good shape and ready to go.”

But now that spring has arrived and summer is right around the corner, golf courses around the Northwest are hoping for better times. And if the occasional nice days this spring are any indication then the golf courses could be reeling in some big business.

On a weekend when the sun came out last month, several golf courses said that business was brisk and the tee sheets were filling up.

“It’s tough to sit around all winter and not play,” said Mike Williams. “You can only look at your clubs for so long before you have to get them and head to the course. We just need some better weather and hopefully we are getting that.”

Golf courses don’t budget for big numbers during the winter months, but there are days when the sun comes out and there is some action on the tee sheet. But for the most part, golf courses have been at the mercy of Mother Nature.

“Tough winter, a tough winter,” said the general manager. “If we get a little help from the weather, the golf courses will fill up quickly.”

Some courses are trying to do what they can to help make up for the lost business of the winter. But most of all, the golf courses just need some good weather and a little cooperation from Mother Nature to get the golfers back on the course and get the tee sheets filled up.

“I’m sure there will be specials to encourage more play and make up for winter,” said the GM. “Courses will do what they can to get the play out there and make up for the lost winter.”

For the golfers of the Pacific Northwest, Mother Nature might have been the winner this winter, but they know it’s time to get back on the golf course.