Whether you want to fix or elevate your game, lessons are the answer

Updated: May 2, 2011

Why take golf lessons?

The obvious answer to why we take golf lessons is to get better. No one enjoys standing over the ball not knowing where it is going to go. Let’s face it; the game is a lot more enjoyable when we play it well. Few things are more frustrating than mishitting a golf shot, especially when it really counts.

Most of us don’t expect to become scratch players, as golf is something we do for recreation, fitting it into our busy daily lives, at best, allows us minimal time to achieve an acceptable handicap. That’s not to say we don’t want to get better and lower our handicaps.

Golf is such a solo endeavor; we can’t rely on teammates for support or to help us when we’re in a slump. Life’s lessons have taught us that if we want to succeed at anything we need to be open to learning. Golf is no exception – if we are to improve then we will have to learn more about the techniques involved and how they apply to us individually.

A master PGA professional once said that his job was to teach students how to teach themselves. He would show them the how and the why of the golf swing, so that when they are confronted with a golf swing that goes astray they would then know how to fix it. “I can’t be with them on the course every time they play,” he said, “so they will need to be armed with the knowledge to fix things themselves.”

Golf swings are as varied as the body types that make up our planet – a tall person will not route the club like a short one, nor will a senior golfer swing like a teenager. Far too many beginning golfers take up the game and are given poor advice from other recreational golfers, who’s intentions are good but who’s suggestions usually miss the mark.

I think we can all agree that taking lessons is a sound plan. Beginners will show improvement much more quickly if shown the correct way to play from the start. For those who have been playing for a while, be aware that it takes longer to change a bad swing into a good one, so be prepared to put in some effort on the range between lessons.

Where do you go to get instruction? Like auto mechanics or doctors, all golf teachers are not the same, nor do they use the same teaching methods. Some have a natural intuition that allows them to communicate easily with students. Others may have a vast experience with several hundred or even thousands of prior lessons. That said, all teachers have knowledge of the basics, which is essential for any golfer to learn, especially beginners.

Golf instruction today has grown in leaps in the last 20 years. Technology has, for the most part, simplified the learning process – being able to see yourself on a video or in a sequence of still photos has shortened the learning curve. Teaching aids is another area that has sped up the ability to learn. Teachers also have been able to communicate their instruction much quicker with these aids. Golf teachers today are better qualified than at any time in history.

Finding a teacher who best matches your combination of mental, physical, and emotional traits can sometimes be quite difficult.

For that reason we have put together a vast list of professional golf teachers that gives you an insight into their experience, methods and philosophies. It is our intent that you will be able to match your goals with a instructor that can best help you achieve them in the shortest possible time and at a price that is within your budget.

It’s worth saying again; golf instruction today is best it has ever been in the history of the game. Now is the best time to take charge of your game. As we head into a new season of golf you can make this year the one where you invest in your game.