Tour Northwest Washington’s Bellingham area

Updated: April 30, 2010

The far Northwest corner of Washington State offers a delicious menu of golf treats, all in various shapes and sizes of plush greenery.

The area north and south of Bellingham booms with golf personality and championship caliber challenges.

Bargain prices, stellar maintenance, beautiful layouts and breathtaking views combined with the upcoming pristine spring and summer weather makes the Northwest corner of the state a can’t-miss golf destination.

From Arlington to Blaine, there’s always a fine-tuned layout to play, a posh place to stay and a price that’s guaranteed to be well worth the investment.

At every dogleg, there’s a new gem to find in the area. Every golfer, from novice to pro, can find something that suits their game and satisfies their golf appetite.

Go take a bite out of some of the state’s best courses and a region filled with enough quality to make it worth a summer tour.

Every stop along the way offers something worthwhile. Here’s some of what Inside Golf recommends each golfer experience as they take in the Bellingham area and its golf courses.