The new Swing Whistle training aid

Updated: February 2, 2012

The newest entry into the training aids arena is called the Swing Whistle. It is a simple yet well engineered device that gives important feedback about the golf swing.

The Swing Whistle attaches to the hosel of your golf club and makes a low-pitched whistle sound when the club is swung. The key to using this training aid is to identify the timing of the whistle – you want the sound to be right before impact, a sound early (waist to knee height) indicates a swing flaw (generally unhinging the wrists too soon, coming “over-the-top” or casting).

The faster the club is released (unhinging of the wrists) the higher pitch the whistle makes. The key is to adjust your swing (hold your wrist-hinge longer) so the whistle is closer to the impact zone. By swinging the club a few times you should be able to adjust your swing so that the release will make the desired sound. Swing Whistle can improve timing, tempo and increase your clubhead speed.

One advantage of the Swing Whistle is the ability to use your own equipment, as a bonus, you can hit balls while it’s on the clubhead, providing immediate feedback. For more information about the Swing Whistle and how to use it, visit