Talk about a crazy way to make a hole-in-one

Updated: June 30, 2011

Here’s something you might not have seen on the golf course: One of the craziest holes at a qualifier for the Oregon Amateur came from Adam Wilgus of Eugene, Ore. who made a miraculous hole-in-one on the 376-yard par-4 9th hole at Stone Creek Golf Club in Oregon City.

Initially unable to find his ball after a five-minute search, Wilgus returned to the tee to play another ball, in turn, his caddie reported he hit that second shot out of bounds. Returning again to the tee for another shot, he finally put a ball in play coming to rest at the back of the green. It was only then that Wilgus discovered his first ball, the one he had spent so much time looking for, was actually in the hole.

Under the rules of golf, the first ball was considered holed, and the other two balls didn’t matter. He went from making a round busting number to an incredible hole-in-one helping him narrowly qualify. After the nerve-wracking series of events and a front-9 35, Wilgus’ back-9 score ballooned to 40 for a final score of 3-over par 75.