Review of the Heavy Putter by Boccieri Golf

Updated: June 1, 2010

By Bob Marlatt
I recently had a chance to test the Heavy Putter by Boccieri Golf. I must mention that I am not too keen on testing putters because every time I do I screw up my stroke with my regular putter (a two-ball).

However, when I learned that the Heavy Putter utilized a weighted handle I was interested in trying it. I have had success in handle weighting with my own putters.

When I first picked up the putter it felt like an anchor – it weighs about 3 pounds. I thought I’d made a mistake agreeing to take this thing on the course.

After a few days of practicing on the rug I decided to give it a go on the course. To my amazement the putter was very good at the touchy-feely speed putts, the opposite of what I had expected. It also was exceptionally accurate on putts from six or seven feet and in. Once this thing gets moving it doesn’t wiggle offline, and it doesn’t twist when hit offcenter.

On long putts it took a little more practice but it finally came around and I was hooked. After about 3 rounds I had developed a feel for the putter and was ready to play in a tournament – a true test for any putter.

As Arnold Palmer once said after he tried out a new putter a friend of mine had designed, “I had some successes and I had some failures.” That about sums up my performance too.

Is the Heavy Putter the answer to all of your putting woes? No it’s not, you still have to deal with good basic putting skills like alignment, keeping your head still and reading greens. Would I recommend that everyone try it out? Yes I would. It will not fit everyone’s taste but it is a big improvement in putter technology that is well worth trying, especially if you are struggling with the yips.

My advice to anyone who picks up this putter in a pro shop is, don’t make your judgment on how heavy it is, take it out on the putting surface and give it a try. I think you will be very surprised at how quickly you can develop a touch with it.

A key component of the Heavy Putter technology is the extra weight in the handle, which raises the balance point, insuring the use of bigger muscles and a pendulum stroke that is a more efficient stroke. You won’t see many handsy putting strokes on the professional tours.

The other element in the Heavy Putter is a heavier head than found with conventional putters, this combined with the weighted handle insures a smoother stroke and keeps the putter moving online throughout the swing.

There are several putter-head styles available including blades and mallets with a variety of shaft options. You can see the complete line by visiting

They also offer lighter mid-weight and lite-weight putters.

The putter I tested was the D3-H mallet Heavy Putter.