Professionals, amateurs all square at annual Hudson Cup

Updated: November 2, 2018

Tie was the operative word at the 70th edition of the Hudson Cup matches, the Pacific Northwest’s version of the Ryder Cup with the top professionals and amateurs squaring off at Overlake Country Club in Medina, Wash.

The matches ended tied with a two-day point total of 10 to 10 points. In the 27th edition of the Senior Hudson Cup, the matches also finished in a tie with a two-day point total of 10 to 10.

The Charles Congdon Award went to Nick Mandell (voted on by the professional team) and the Larry Lamberger Award was presented to Darren Black (voted on by the amateur team). In the Senior Matches, The Bill Eggers Award was presented to Erik Hanson (voted on by the senior professional team) while Bruce Stewart was bestowed the Bob McKendrick Award (voted on by the senior amateur team).