Port Townsend Course vandalized, but wallet is found and could help finger the vandals

Updated: March 4, 2012

Vandals recently hit Port Townsend Golf Course on Washington Olympic Peninsula and left a mess. They wrecked a golf cart, ripped up landscaping, tore down a protective net, pulled up out of bounds stakes and rolled a golf cart.

“It was like a tornado went through, Vicky Handyside told the Port Townsend Leader newspaper. “We were kind of feeling pretty lucky because it’s been a couple of years since we had any major vandalism.”

“They trashed the whole place out,” she added. She runs the course along with Mike Early.

But there is a lead in the case. When the vandalized cart was rolled over, an 18-year-old man’s wallet was found.

Don’t know if it belonged to a golfer or the vandals, but Port Townsend Police are looking into it.

Port Townsend Golf Course is a 9-hole facility that is one of two golf courses in Port Townsend, Discovery Bay is the other golf course in town.