Planning to take golf lessons this year: here is a list of golf teachers for Western Washington and the greater Portland area

Updated: February 2, 2012

Golf lessons are the best investment you can make for your game, no matter what your experience level. You can improve your game for the rest of your life with proper golf instruction. What better way to start or end the season than with a better golf game.

When looking for a golf instructor be sure to find one with a teaching philosophy that matches your goals and temperament. Learning the fundamentals is vitally important for everyone and especially important for beginners. The more advanced players might need that little tweak that the video lesson can provide. Playing lessons can incorporate some fast-track fixes for all parts of your game. Whatever your needs, you will benefit from taking quality lessons from an experienced professional instructor. In order to help you find a teacher that best matches your needs we’ve put together this group of listings for some of the best teachers in the Northwest.

(PDF: Golf Teacher Listings)