Oregon Mudders introduces new shoes and expands product lines

Updated: November 1, 2010

Oregon Mudders is a Pacific Northwest Company that had been selling their insulated waterproof golf shoes through pro shops and golf supply retailers for the last fifteen years.

The company has recently designed and manufactured two new types of shoes that will expand their selling season throughout the year. They aren’t taking anything away from their original Oregon Mudders Waterproof Golf Shoes and Boots. Their goal in introducing these new products was to give their customers an opportunity to buy an innovative golf shoe to wear during all the seasons and in all sorts of weather.

Their five-piece foot-bed design, which has been perfected over the last 15 years in their original Oregon Mudders has now been incorporated into the new designs.
To fill the void left from a few departing manufacturers, company founders Rod Boast and Steve Hopkins, thought the niche was open enough for them to use their unique sole design on a golf sandal. For summer golf, desert golf or anytime-you-wish comfortable golf this is the footwear for you. Put one on and you will be amazed at the feel and comfort.

The other new shoe, that is just now available, is their athletic style golf shoe. This shoe was also conceived to fill the void that existed in the company’s shoe style offerings. You can now go into your favorite store and pick a specialty shoe for the season or a shoe that is universal enough to wear anytime. In any case you will get a shoe that is unique in style and similar in design by use of their innovative five-piece foot bed that gives you stability, support and comfort.

One of the goals of the company is to have an offering of quality shoes at an affordable price. Stop in the local pro shop and see for yourself. While you are at it check out the other new products they are offering to you through their dealers. The new products are branded under the Thrifty Golf Supply logo, a subsidiary of Oregon Mudders, and offer very high quality and affordable products among the many choices that you have.

For more information on their new lines which include hybrid clubs, chippers, putters, wedges and more you can check out their new website at www.thriftygolfsupply.com for a description of new their products and a list of dealers near you. You can also type in www.oregonmudders.com and you will be directed to the Thrifty Golf Supply site.