North Shore Golf Course Back from the brink

Updated: April 4, 2011

North Shore in Tacoma is back for its 50th year in business in 2011 after development almost killed the course.

There was a time a couple of years ago that North Shore Golf Course in northwest Tacoma was thought to be doomed. A development company seemed poised to buy the course and turn the property into houses and condominiums.

The neighbors fought back, saying they bought houses around the golf course because they wanted golf course living. And then the economy turned.

The deal went away and North Shore Golf Course continues to be one of the most popular courses in the Puget Sound area having survived its date with the development company as it enters its 50th year.

And through it all, North Shore has continued to change, grow and try to position itself as the place to play in the area.

“We’ve been through a lot but we’re still here,” said Dave Wetli, the long time head professional at North Shore. “We really never knew what was going to happen but we are still here and open for play.”

One of the most important things the course has focused on since getting its new lease on golf course life was conditioning. The course has placed a renewed emphasis on getting all of its greens in pristine shape, and that includes frequent top-dressing.

The course has also become more playable recently as most of the trees which line the course have had their limbs cut back to allow golfers to have a better chance at getting their golf ball back in play.

“We need to get the course the way it used to be – people used to come just because we had such a well conditioned course,” said Wetli. “We are trying to get that back.”

For those who are into the practice mode, North Shore offers up one of the best practice areas you will find. With covered and uncovered hitting stalls and an area for short game practice along with a putting green, North Shore has something for everyone. The range has added new targets and yardage signs and for those who like a little background, there is some soft music playing in the covered areas.

Other programs are going to be rolled out this year, which will should prove to be popular. A family program will allow families to play plenty of golf at the course and league play for ladies will be held on Tuesdays, for men on Wednesdays and for couples on Thursdays. In addition, the course is now offering discounts for active military – the course received the Patriots Golf Award from the Pacific Northwest section in 2010 for raising the most money in the section on Patriot Golf Day.
The restaurant is upgraded as well – with a new manager in Dani Fafnis as well as wine tasting menus, an update to the menu, an improvement in the decor and other capital improvements.

For more info call 253.927.1375.