Holmes Harbor shuts down the golf course

Updated: April 30, 2010

Holmes Harbor on Whidbey Island has closed indefinitely, shutting down the only public course on the south end of Whidbey Island.

Holmes Harbor was a full-length golf course when it first opened for business on Whidbey Island, but in 1993 financial problems forced the course to close and then re-open as a shorter 4,279-yard par-64 course under a new ownership group which included former Seattle SuperSonic Jack Sikma. That group later sold Holmes Harbor to the Schuster Group, led by Mark Schuster.

The Schuster Group closed the course and was in negotiations with the Holmes Harbor Sewer District, which has an agreement to use the course as a disposal area for recycled water. The two sides are in negotiations about the golf course.

Local golfers are holding out hope that the course might come back. “I hope it has a good future,” said Roger Smith of Clinton.