Decision made to shoot bothersome elk at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge

Updated: February 2, 2012

State wildlife officials have declared open season on a group of elk that have been damaging an upscale golf course.

Officials at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge say the elk have been wreaking havoc on the course, creating large divots and breaking pins.

General manager Ryan Whitney said over the past two years, the golf club has used flares to scare away the elk, traps to frighten them and even tagged several of them to follow their movement. But nothing worked, and the prized playing surface continued taking a beating.

“We’ve not only seen greater visits, but greater numbers coming,” Whitney said.

With mounting damage, the state has finally approved a plan to kill several of the elk.

Expert hunters can even vie for the chance to shoot one of them from a designated area on the course.

The hunting will take place on Mondays, when the course is closed to golfers.

Some might have a problem with the hunt, but other residents on the ridge say as long as it’s safe and all the other options have been exhausted, this is the way to go.