Construction on new Zillah Lakes course gets going again in Zillah

Updated: October 2, 2010

A flurry of activity — including ongoing construction of the new Lower Valley Sheriff’s Substation and recently re-started construction of a nine-hole golf course — is creating renewed excitement around the Zillah Lakes project.

The construction included:

• A celebration of the new Sheriff Substation at the Zillah Lakes Town Center (slated for occupancy in September);

• A ground-breaking ceremony for the golf course (construction already started with five holes expected to be ready for limited play in 2011);

• Ceremonies kicking off construction of the new Town Center mini-park (with tennis and shuffleboard courts as well as picnic areas);

• Announcement of plans to extend and expand the popular Zillah Lakes nature trail;

• Announcement of new or pending agreements with local businesses that plan to build or locate at Zillah Lakes. Among these will be a local nursery on 15 acres at the east end of the project along I-82, a golf clubhouse, restaurant, and wine destination in the Town Center; a projected start date for a new urgent-care medical clinic.