Carnation Golf Course up for auction

Updated: August 31, 2011

Carnation Golf Course, located in the town of Carnation, Wash., has been foreclosed on and was offered up for auction on August 28. Asking price was $1,2000. It’s no yet known if there was a winning bid.

The course has been in the Tachell family for 44 years, having been built by the late Bob Tachell in 1967. Chad Tachell, the grandson of Bob, bought the course from his father, Dan Tachell, five years ago and was operating the course when it went into foreclosure.

Competition from other nearby courses and the recession were pointed out as the cause for the decline in rounds to about 20,000 per year.

The 150-acre golf course sits in a flood-plain in the Carnation Valley and is over-run by the Tolt River each winter, which has always been a drain on the owner’s pocketbook.

The course remains open for play despite the possible ownership change but the reduced maintenance might be a deterrent to some golfers.