A new way to practice at Willows Run

Updated: May 1, 2023

Willows Run Golf Course in Redmond, Wash. has come up with a new way for golfers to come up with a different way to practice. With its new Inrange System, golfers at Willows Run can now practice and see how they are improving.

But that’s not all. The new Inrange System also gives golfers a chance to play some games.

The Inrange System is new to the United States. Willows Run is just the fourth course in the United States to provide the system. It works like Toptracer, but also gives golfers numbers about everything dealing with their swing.

And the thing that Willows Run owner Yuki Sasada likes about it the best – is that the system is accurate.

Sasada bought Willows Run back in 2019 and has spent money to upgrade the conditions on and off the course.  The newest addition is the Inrange system which covers all 20 stalls at the Willows Run driving range. Each bay is outfitted with Inrange tracking along with touchscreen monitors. Each shot is tracked, and the data is immediately shown on the screen. Sasada will like the fact the data from each of their shots is exact and precise.

“What makes this system work is the accuracy the numbers are from 40 to 300 yards,”’ said Sasada. “If you miss a target by a foot it will tell you that. This is a system that will help golfers improve.”

Willows Run is a complex that has plenty of golf for everyone. There are two 18-hole championship golf courses, plus a par-3 course and practice area. And now with the Inrange System, Willows Run has a new way to improve your game.