Is there new life for Eaglemont Golf Course in Mount Vernon?

Updated: February 3, 2024

Two couples who live in Eaglemont development, with the backing of other residents, are suing the Beacon Hill Ministries, who currently owns the property, for failing to reopen the course, based on the original zoning for the community that included the golf course. However, Beacon Hill Ministries is arguing the agreement is about zoning, and can’t be extended to ownership of the property.

Eaglemont property owners filed a petition on March 14, 2023 asking the court to appoint a receiver to assume control and either restore the course and sell it to a qualified owner, or to sell it as is to an owner who would comply with the City requirements.

The plot thickens!

It appears that Beacon Hill Ministries took out a $3 million loan from a private lending firm based in Vancouver, Wash. and failed to repay the loan and the lender wants to foreclose and auction off the course. So, the judge must sort the whole mess out, figure out who will decide the fate of the course: the lender, the Beacon Hill Ministries, or it will be auctioned off.

These photos depict the condition of the clubhouse as it looks today.

Next month we will let you know what the court decides and who ends up with the course. Fingers crossed the a new owner gets the course who wants to bring it back.