Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

The Lesson Tee: Tips to help you sink more putts


PGA Professional Jeff Coston in the fairway on No. 18 during round 3 of the Senior PGA Championship held at Kiawah Island Resort in Kiawah, South Carolina. Saturday, May 26, 2007. (photograph by The PGA of America).

I have been playing and coaching golf my entire life.  Golf has been my passion since age 12.  I have sought to play and coach golf as well as it can possibly be done. This passion in my life and journey has taken me to the PGA Tour, winning on the Web.com tour, playing the Champions Tour and having the most major wins in the history of Pacific Northwest Golf.  I say that to say this, “I am a better coach than I am a player!”  Golf is not what I do but rather who I am.

Here are some principles, drills and mindsets I use and coach to help players putt better. (myself included) 

1.  Great speed on any putt is a non-negotiable: I would say proper speed on a putt of 15-40 feet is a wonderful first step to more success on the greens.  Golfers focus 80% of their mind on line and 20% on speed.  I believe it should be reversed.  80% speed/20% read.  If a player has great speed they will eliminate many 3 putt greens. Golfers leave putts short and long, that is why they 3 putt.  If a player has great speed, they can believe and trust much more.

Hit 40 foot putts and “just roll your golf ball” like throwing a horse shoe or a baseball.  Get target focused and aware.  Get more “out of your head” and “into the target.”  Think athletic more than technique. A good image, “long putt, longer backstroke.” 

Begin your putting practice with speed drills from long distance.  30-40 foot putts.

2.  Get good set up at address.  (photo 1)

            a.  Hands below your shoulders.

            b.  Most people would do better with a shorter putter.  Come see me and get a proper fit.  Choke down on your putter, will be helpful.

            c.  Bend forward with your spine.

            d.  Hands forward at address (also keep them forward through the stroke)

3.  Make more putts 5 feet and under

            a.  Put a tee at five places on the green 3 feet around a hole. (3’, 5’, 7’) Call it the star drill.  Take five golf balls and make 3 of 5 at each spot before you move on. (photo 2, the little girl is my granddaughter) Do the same drill at 5 feet and 7 feet at your five spots around the hole.   You will improve.

4.  Be mentally ‘’’’TOUGH”

         a.  Commit to your read from 5 feet and in.  Even if you are unsure of the break, get sure before you putt.

        b.  Develop a repetitive, reactive routine

            1.  Line the blade

            2.  Line the body

            3.  Hit the putt on the sweet spot of the putter each time.  The sweet spot is the line on your putter.  If you hit all putts solid on the sweet spot your ball will roll better and your speed will be more consistent.

      Jeff Coston has played the PGA Tour, Web.com and Champions Tour.  He is a multiple Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year and is in the PGA Hall of Fame.  Jeff can be reached for appointment year round by calling S360.201.4590. See  www.jeffcoston.com for more.