Lesson Tee: Jeff Coston

Importance of the backswing

I trust everyone is in full “Golf Mode.” I would advise a balance of practice, play and competition. Don’t forget fun also in the process.

Let’s look at our backswing. The backswing sets so many things in order.

The backswing has two main purposes;

            1) Accumulate power by turning and hinging.

            2) Get our body, shaft and club in proper position to fire a straight line on plane to the hitting zone and golf ball.

Photo 1

            See Photo 1: Tiger is turning, coiling, folding arms and hinging wrists to accumulate power. Purpose 1 of the backswing. I fully believe imitation is a lost art in improvement. Copy this.  Notice left shoulder moves down not level. Notice also very little weight shift. Also see Fowler in photo 2.

Photo 2

Backswing Purpose 2; get in proper position to make a line for hitting zone. See Photo 3.

Photo 3

Golfers make a deadly mistake (teachers also) of not realizing the importance of depth to the golf swing. We swing in an arc or circle on an incline; not a straight line. Golfers would do better to have a bit lower backswing. This would allow them to not be so “over the top” of the proper plane!

Notice how Tiger’s left arm is close to covering his right shoulder. This helps backswing depth. As does some hip turn. At the top of the backswing, golfers should imagine they are touching a wall with their hands.

Let’s keep that golf mode going.

      Jeff Coston has played the PGA Tour, Web.com and Champions Tour.  He is a multiple Pacific Northwest PGA Player of the Year and is in the PGA Hall of Fame.  Jeff can be reached for appointment year round by calling S360.201.4590. See  www.jeffcoston.com for more.