Gamble Sands to open new course in 2025

Updated: June 30, 2024

For years, the Gebbers family of Central Washington, renowned for their successful apple orchards, ruled Brewster, Wash. with their thriving business. But more than a decade ago, their focus shifted to a new venture: golf. In a move reminiscent of the movie Field of Dreams, where Ray Kinsella built a baseball field amidst cornfields, the Gebbers family created a golf course in the heart of their apple orchards. And not just any golf course. Gamble Sands, which opened ten years ago, has been garnering awards annually ever since.

David McLay Kidd

It’s easy to see why. The David McLay Kidd-designed course has consistently ranked among the top courses in both the Northwest and the country. But that’s just the beginning. Following the success of the original Gamble Sands course, the 14-hole QuickSands Course was introduced, and now, set for 2025, a second 18-hole championship course will be unveiled.

In addition to the remarkable courses, Gamble Sands offers The Inn, the Cascade Putting Course adjacent to The Inn, and breathtaking views of the Columbia River. This trajectory mirrors the early days of Bandon Dunes, and Gamble Sands is undoubtedly on a similar path to greatness.

Located in Brewster, Wash., Gamble Sands is indeed off the beaten path, nestled in the middle of Central Washington, away from major freeways. However, much like Bandon, Ore., which is also not in a major hub, Gamble Sands attracts golfers who are undeterred by its remote location. The open air and scenic beauty of Central Washington have made it an award-winning destination.

Since the first tee shot a decade ago, Gamble Sands has been a hit. The Gebbers family, who also own the surrounding apple orchards, knew this was the perfect spot for a golf course, and they were right. Golfers have flocked to Gamble Sands for ten years, and their enthusiasm hasn’t waned. While it may not operate year-round, from March through October, the course is bustling with avid golfers. Looking ahead to 2025, the resort continues to expand with the addition of the second Kidd-designed course. Additionally, a resident card will soon provide opportunities to enjoy reduced rates, dropping from $199 to $139. Exciting news for enthusiasts: 2025 bookings for both the Sands Course and The Inn at Gamble Sands are now available online, making it easier than ever to plan your visit to this exceptional golfing destination.