Turn-around specialists are attacking Lewis River course with noticeable changes

Updated: July 1, 2023

When the gorgeous yet moribund course on the Lewis River just outside Woodland, Washington changed hands last year rumors swirled of planned development projects from fantasy villages to single family housing.  But what new ownership had in mind was something entirely different, and welcome: They doubled down to leverage the natural beauty and challenging course. A lawyer experienced in start-ups and turn-arounds (and notable non-golfer) was hired to course-correct, so to speak.

Apparently, this was an inspired choice.  Bill Du Val promoted Nelly Sweet to GM, re-hired and re-located Superintendent Tyson Lippincott, and Events Director Denise Miller.  Most recently, Osman Martinez was brought in to shore up customer experience as Hospitality Director.

Lewis River Golf has undergone a significant and very noticeable transformation. Eighteen greens were given daily care: Sanding, drainage, fertilizing, etc., transforming play that became noticeable well before the start of the 2023 season. While the most significant investments were made in turf and player experience, every other aspect of the operation received TLC as well: Upgrades to reservation systems, revamping of the entire food and beverage offerings, and a start to updating the clubhouse are noticeable to the most casual observers.

Players began noticing the exceptional conditions of the course and clubhouse as far back as February, and comments appear to be nearly unanimous: it’s been at least 10 years since the course was in such shape. Each of the nearly 3,500 trees have been pruned to provide 100% visibility, the fairways have received much-needed care, and new carts have been delivered, rendering play at LRG a delight.

These changes have not gone unnoticed by the golfing community. LRG has broken all its historical records in daily play and F&B sales.  You can find Lewis River Golf at www.lewisrivergolf.com.