The Home Course opens new Performance Center

Updated: October 28, 2022

The all-new state-of-the-art Performance Center at The Home Course is conveniently located just minutes off of Interstate-5 and is outfitted to provide you with all of your golf performance needs.

The Home Course’s top-rated PGA professionals have decades of experience in playing, instruction, and club fitting combined with the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to help improve your game. Inside the Performance Center, you will find a full range of club options from Titleist, TaylorMade and Callaway.

Along with the covered/heated performance center, our facility boasts a full-size double-ended all-grass driving range, pitching green with a practice bunker, and two practice putting greens.

The Performance Center staff features PGA professionals John Cassidy and Shane Prante who are well equipped to help you with any type of fitting and make sure you have the right equipment in your golf bag.

The Performance Center uses top-of-the-line GC QUAD technology for all of the fittings. This technology uses four cameras to capture all club and ball data, making it the most consistent and accurate launch monitor indoors or outdoors on the market. The new Performance Center has the ability to use this technology while watching the ball fly onto the range and not into a screen.

Fittings can start at $80 per hour with a standard fitting and any part of the golf bag is fair game when it comes to fitting. A full bad fitting session including 13 clubs (not the putter) will run $225 and give you all the information you need about your clubs and your golf swing.

Any of your golfing needs can be handled at the new Performance Center at The Home Course.

To schedule a fitting, email or call The Home Course golf shop at (253) 964-0520.