Irrigation failure at Chambers Bay damages 15th green

Updated: February 1, 2023

Sometimes you just never know when things will go wrong at a golf course. Chambers Bay in University Place, Wash. suffered an irrigation failure that affected its par-3 15th green.

The 15th green has experienced an irrigation failure related to an ice storm leading to erosion throughout the putting surface. This will require extensive work to restore this putting green back to the original design. While their team evaluates and prepares for the project ahead, they will be taking the 15th green out of the rotation of play. The golf course will remain open for play with 17 holes.

For all golfers currently registered for a tee time, your options are:

    • Golfers may continue to play at the residency-based rate. Any demand premiums will be removed and each player will receive a $75 bounce-back voucher to return by the end of April (Monday through Friday). The intent is to welcome you back once the 15th green has been restored.

Should you elect to book a starting time in a time period in which this green is out of play; you will receive a reminder of this at booking as well as the rate and bounce back above.

“In the end, while this is not the holiday gift we were excited to receive, but we are committed to working diligently on restoring this remarkable hole back to the glory you all know and love. Until that time, we are excited to welcome you to Chambers Bay for a great 17-hole experience,” said General Manager Zac Keener.