Seattle teen wins First Tee grant

Updated: December 1, 2021

A Seattle teen, Austin Picinich, has been awarded a $10,000 educational stipend following the First Tee Innovators Forum at Mexican Heritage Plaza and Sheraton San Jose Hotel. He was one of two awarded $10,000 out of the twenty-eight teen participants from First Tee chapters across the country that attended.

Austin was chosen based on his commitment to completing a community service project within the next eight months. He is creating a community mural that educates visitors on the salmon life cycle and about the history of Juanita Creek, a creek where the salmon population has declined to nearly zero due to the pollution. Austin plans to partner with Urban Artworks to engage community members and provide them with a unique opportunity to become ambassadors for Juanita Creek. Through his service project, he would like to contribute funds to conservation groups assisting with making Juanita Creek healthy again.