Professionals take care of business at Hudson Cup

Updated: November 1, 2021

The professionals and senior professionals both took care of business beating the amateurs at the Hudson Cup at Oswego Lake Country Club.

The matches ended with the Professionals winning with a two-day point total of 10 ½ to 9 ½ points in the 73rd Hudson Cup Matches.  In the 30th edition of the Senior Hudson Cup, the Professionals won the Matches with a two-day point total of 11 to 9. 

The Charles Congdon Award went to Nathan Cogswell (voted on by the professional team) and the Larry Lamberger Award was presented to Austin Hurt (voted on by the amateur team). 

 In the Senior Matches, The Bill Eggers Award was presented to Mike Swingle (voted on by the senior professional team) while Mark Knowles was bestowed the Bob McKendrick Award (voted on by the senior amateur team).  Austin Hurt, Mark Knowles and Mike Swingle are the only three who were undefeated in all of his matches this year.