Elementary school teacher has unique way to introduce kids to golf

Updated: December 30, 2021

Jim Franklin, a life-long golfer, knows the benefits of participating in a sport. Franklin is a special education teacher at Elm Street Elementary in Rome, GA, and wanted to design a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) project to introduce golf to the students in his school. 

When he showed a putter for the first time to 44 students in grades 3-5, none of them knew what it was called. The closest answer was “golf stick.” It is important to note that his school has an 85% minority population.

The first phase of the project was to build three holes of an indoor putting course. Currently, the closest miniature golf course is almost an hour from Rome. Because many of his school’s parents have limited transportation and income, he wanted to design a cost effective course to give his students an opportunity to play.

The students had to use several different math operations, develop problem solving skills, and work together. Every month the students will build obstacles that have a theme that goes along with the holiday for the month. Because all the students are just learning how to plan, Franklin said he will have tournaments once their skills improve, and the course will be used during Field Day at the end of the school year.

Growing the game of golf takes many different approaches, Jim Franklin has showed us a new one that did not involve a golf course. 

If you want to learn more about his school, here is the link to their website: https://www.greatschools.org/georgia/rome/1651-Elm-Street-Elementary-School/#Race_ethnicity.